Xiaomi Smart TVs, Redmi Note 5 China, OnePlus 6 Leaks, Infinity War… #AshAnswers 93

The 93rd episode of the show where we answer questions that you tweet out, welcome to #AshAnswers 93. Link to our latest giveaway: http://www.bit.ly/c4egiveaway

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Questions & Timestamps

00:55 Rooting makes your phone better?
03:09 Sporting a bareback phone vs putting it inside a protective case
06:18 Most memorable experience when shooting outdoors
07:14 MIUI Updates for older devices – is Xiaomi the Apple of Android?
10:40 Moving from flagship to lower spec’d phones, how does it feel?
12:06 Really fast UI with no extra features vs a slower feature filled UI
14:08 Redmi Note 3 to Redmi Note 5 Pro, worthy upgrade?
15:14 Thoughts on Redmi Note 5 China version
15:47 New Tablet on AshAnswers
16:14 Buy OnePlus 5T or Galaxy S8 or wait for the OnePlus 6?
16:45 Notch on the OnePlus 6? Excited?
20:29 Always on display on OnePlus Devices?
20:45 Did Sundar crack the iPhone X Camera?
22:14 How does Ash know Shahrukh and Amartya?
24:41 Best portrait mode on a smartphone below 30k
25:34 Will Xiaomi disrupt the TV segment?
27:59 OLDEST of smartphones owned by our SUSBCRIBERS?
29:39 Reactions to Infinity War Trailer
30:51 960 FPS slow-mo gimmick or useful?
33:32 Opinions on camera performance on our reviews
35:56 The phone we always come back to
37:24 Uses for 4K/2K recording in FHD phones
37:57 AJ Styles vs Nakamura-who’ll win this Wrestlemania

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  1. Hi Ash, Vanakkam, I feel little disappointed, When i play 4k video from youtube , the screen translation is not smooth. It is not the internet speed i have cherrinet giving 70 mbps but i feel the RAM is not supported enough to give free flow of 4k frames . Do i need to download new youtube apk file or can go for product replacement. Pls advice

  2. Lol i still have a micromax canvas hd a116 😅😅 which is in nougat rom. Rooted xposed installed and custom everything😂😅 my first 1.2 ghz quad core 1 gb ram……oh wait i still have working lumia 610 with 8 gb internal and 256 gb ram yet its damn smooth ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Awesome work guys. Can you do an ash answers daily??😅😅 It takes an hour for me to reach office by a cab. Anyday, I would love watching Ash Answers over anything on YouTube in this time. Great work and ash answers are one of my favorites on YouTube. Cheers✌️✌️

  4. Ash in regards to your cell phone camera statement seems to refer to in a basic point in shoot situation in terms of an everyday moment the photo looks great for that moment. Is it professional quality no and I think in a nutshell its in reference to a point and shoot moment…that is how I understand it when you mention pic quality in an unboxing

  5. I am using the S4 mini phone (probably the oldest phone from #WeAreC4E family). Was using Ash & Sundar recommended Mi 5 till November 2017, but the phone conked off and then I had to return to my wife's old phone. Waiting for some good phone to replace Mi 5 (mainly rear camera). However, till that time S4 mini is treating me almost well 🙂

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