OnePlus 6 Review: Right On the Money!

OnePlus 6 is A+ for the price, a killer balance of performance and features. OnePlus 6: MKBHD Merch: Video …


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  1. I honestly dont care about wireless charging cuz dash charging balance that… I have my op3 and i see phones from same time going slower and losing terrain to op3… Oneplus in medium time shyne comparing to other high quality phones… So One Plus is really OP =)

  2. I wish they had stayed with 5t screen design with a little less bezel instead of this notch nonsense. Also the glass back without wireless charging was really dumb choice.

  3. For the price difference between the OP6 and and top tier flagships you can buy a great bluetooth speaker AND great wireless headphones and the speaker problem is fixed.

  4. I really wish fast storage gets more exposition in these reviews, it's the main reason I bought a 3T two years ago, it was the only phone in its class to have UFS. The 6 has dual-channel UFS 2.1 and not a peep from any Youtuber so far…

  5. I don't usually post comments, but… i had to this time

    I sometimes have the feeling that your reviews are biased in a way, because you find some of the big drawbacks to some phones (like in the Huawei P20 pro video), but when it comes to other phones, those same drawbacks, at least, doesn't sounds that important anymore. We're talking about identical situations, but the way you are reviewing the two devices is too differents. Hence the bias
    And this is especially true with chinese phones: i have the feeling that you are not treating those devices fairly, as comparde to the OnePlus for instance

    I just got the P20 Pro and this is a very good phone. Worth EUR 700. However, the drawbacks you listed as important aren't that big of a deal when you consider the specs for the price ('cmon it's better than the iPhone 10 for almost half the price). In this video, you listed kind of the same elements as drawbacks for the OnePlus, but you defend this phone so much more. And I honestly cannot believe this difference of treatment comes from the price range of the two phones (Huawei P20 Pro and OnePlus 6)

    This got me thinking: Do you just hate chinese phones ?

  6. I am thinking of getting one soon by June. Since OnePlus didn't come with SD card slot, the 256 GB version on my mind. But I just hate the notch design copying iPhone ish. Why are the manufacturer copying iPhone, can't they just design their own signature design??? Much appreciated.

  7. Not so satisfy by you're review
    I mean you're mkbhd after you're reviews everything we need to know bout the phone are usually done, but this time you don't talk much bout the camera, is it worth upgrading from 5t or should we wait 6t, apart from all that its still awesome

  8. If you compare this with other flagships is by far the best value for money, the best buy, for sure. 845, 6-8gb, face unlock, fast charging, clean, smooth and fast software, decent display, good battery life, very good camera, and best of all, it's 200-500€ less then all it's flagship "rivals"… whatelse do you want from a smartphone?

  9. No to the notch no to glass back . 5t in my view was the best oneplus and still is. I hope in a few years we get an iPhone SE syle thing from oneplus . Latest tech in the 5t body. (intrestingly the SE in my opinion is the best iphone we have had in years)

    But then i am somone who think keyboard design peaked in the late 70s early 80s so what do i know.

    Model F flor life !

  10. Its Always ON display,there is an option i checked in settings…n like always great video to each detail
    Edit:After the recent update,always on display option is removed

  11. Oneplus said in there launch event "we don't our customers to pay extra for wireless charging.
    Wireless charging takes time as compared to DASH charging.
    PS – who needs wireless charger when you have super fast charger…..

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