#AshAnswers 99 – Deleted Videos, Channel Future, YouTube Life, One Plus 6, LG G7 ThinQ & More….

The 99th episode of the show where we answer questions that you tweet out, welcome to #AshAnswers 99. Link to our latest giveaway: http://www.bit.ly/c4egiveaway

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Questions & Timestamps

00:33 Opinion on current Android Flagships sporting both a chin as well as a notch
01:26 Is the move complete?
02:13 LG G7 ThinQ thoughts
07:14 Deleted a video after posting because people didn’t like it?
08:02 Uncertainty of a YouTuber’s life
12:29 Small easy to carry secondary smartphone under 10k
12:44 Nokia 8 vs Nokia 7 Plus
15:18 Future of the Channel
16:18 Reason behind Samsung not providing mid range with sensors
17:01 How much time do we need to shoot a video and do the processing
17:43 Reason for Nokia phones not getting attention
19:31 Which phone to upgrade from One Plus 3T
23:29 Oppo faking results with Oppo F7
24:14 Pixel 2 at 38k a good deal?
24:31 Redmi S or Redmi Surge series?
24:48 What is sensor size in smartphone cameras?
26:08 Why do some videos look washed out while others look amazing
26:54 Will we cover One Plus 6 Launch
27:35 Honor 8 Pro vs Redmi Note 5 Pro for gaming

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  1. #AshAnswers sony experia xz2premium launched with 4k display 2160×3840 pixels, i'm waiting for samsung galaxy note 9 but im worried about maybe next year Samsung implement 4k display in their flagships so wait for next year or purchase note 9 and 7nm vs 10nm chip huge difference?

  2. Hey Ash great video as always. Don’t you think this NO BEZEL ALL SCREEN thing is a fad and we should actually be focusing on more important things like a 2 day battery life? Nobody seems to care about that nowadays. Its a CRIME how $800-$1000 flagships give 4-5 hrs screen on time. And battery technology is just an excuse. Nobody stops them from making Slightly thicker phones and putting a bigger battery in there? Would love to hear your thoughts

  3. Im still using my galaxy note 3 and its great. i did buy the note fe end of last year but it got stolen after 2 months 🙁 so im back to the note 3 and its still serving me so well. totally dont get the need to upgrade yearly..

  4. #AshAnswers.. Hey Ash, many have suggested honor view 10 over Nokia 7 plus… but I need a phone with good zoom… Does honor view 10 have a good zooming ability or do you know any other existing or upcoming phone which is under 30k and has an optical zoom… Asus Zenfone 3 zoom S at 19,999 on Flipkart, is still a good catch or Nokia 7 plus is what it is??

  5. i have been a great fan of C4etech but i feel all the videos follow a sterotype. same frames same camera samples.whn i watch lot of ur videos i kinda get bored of the same sterotype.

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