#AshAnswers 98 – A LOT of Zenfone Max Pro Questions w/ some OnePlus 6 & Mi A2 sprinkled in!

The 98th episode of the show where we answer questions that you tweet out, welcome to #AshAnswers 98. Link to our latest giveaway: http://www.bit.ly/c4egiveaway

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Questions & Timestamps

00:58 Mi A2 or Mi A1 2018 vs budget Google Pixel
01:43 Upgrade to One Plus 6 From One Plus 3T?
02:39 Why budget phones have no NFC
03:24 Why is 18:9 not called 2:1?
03:54 Price of Mi A2 in India and when it will be released
04:40 Sudden increase of stock Android phones good or bad for custom UI
05:21 Upgrade Redmi Note 4 to Redmi Note 5
05:38 Asus Zenfone Max Pro best for photography?
06:17 Why Apple doesn’t use Type C Ports in iPhones?
06:44 Redmi Note 5 Pro vs Asus Zenfone Max Pro- which is the better performer?
07:05 Thoughts on Monthly Security Patches and Android Upgrades for Asus Zenfone Max Pro.
07:56 Nokia 7+ vs OnePlus 6- Which one has the better camera?
08:22 What happens if we keep other phones in the Zenfone Sound box?
08:56 Mid Range phones vs Point and Shoot Cameras-which one is better?
09:47 LG G6 at 18k- worth buying?
09:59 Are we importing the Mi 6X? And when is it launching in India
10:31 Zenfone 3 @10k vs Zenfone Max Pro which one to buy?
11:37 Will Zenfone 5 be priced below 20k?
12:37 Upgrade to One Plus 6 or wait for One Plus 7?
13:01 Dual VoLTE support on Redmi Note 5 Pro China?
13:06 Best smartphone under Rs 11 K INR
13:57 Why there are different cameras in 6gb and 4gb Asus Zenfone Max Pro
14:54 Is the Triple Camera Setup on the P20 Pro a gimmick?
15:42 Presence of Wifi Bands in Zenfone Max Pro and its Effect
16:55 Why do so many brands stick to Full HD even on their Flagships

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  1. #AshAnswers pls tell me should I but zenfone 3 or infinix hot s3 I'm looking for zenfone 3 cause it has a better chipset and camera and in addition it too got oreo in 2k18 pls take my question in next video plssss

  2. Still loving the 820… As a chipset… But the hardware on OP3 is kinda dying, like the speakers, fingerprint scanners, headset speakers… But the performance has remained really good…

  3. Good luck and best wishes to Sundar.. So now its time for Harris to take over.. Just that Harris has to talk more, be a little more relaxed.. By a few episodes in, he ll be awesome… Ash you can't do everything by yourself.. And AshAnswers is more entertaining with different views..

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