#AshAnswers 96 – GIVEAWAY WINNERS, Nokia 7 Plus vs Nokia 8, Midrange Pixel, Mi A2…

The 96th episode of the show where we answer questions that you tweet out, welcome to #AshAnswers 96. Link to our latest giveaway: http://www.bit.ly/c4egiveaway

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Questions & Timestamps

00:24 Doogee Mix 4 thoughts!
01:15 Nokia’s current pricing strategy will work for them?
04:34 OnePlus 3T to Nokia 7 Plus good switch?
05:12 15-30k segment gets more exciting?
06:11 Nokia 7 Plus or Nokia 8
07:02 Excited For WrestleMania?
08:18 Why Wireless charging isn’t popular in India
12:08 Experience With Amazon Music
14:24 Google’s midrange Pixel could end OnePlus?
16:46 Mi Note 3 vs Nokia 7 Plus CAMERA
17:22 Nokia 8 Sirocco at 50k worth it
20:32 Thoughts about ISPs in India
22:48 Which music service do we use
23:14 Pebble Time Steel!!!
23:21 Mediatek Underrated? P60 = SD660?
24:03 Sundar’s Macbook Pro (or the lacktherof)
27:11 Anything special for #AshAnswers 100 ?
27:53 Why Android One is on a Flagship
28:59 Under display fingerprint sensor in mid rangers
29:31 Mi A2 to come with Snapdragon 626?
32:20 Giveaway Winners!

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  1. #AshAnswers #SundarAnswers @c4Etech Suggest me a smartphone(CURRENT / UPCOMING) with specs :

    18:9 / 19:9 aspect ratio;
    6 inch screen,
    64/128GB storage;
    dual sim with DEDICATED memory slot;
    dual camera and good selfie camera;
    Fast charging;
    6GB or above RAM;
    3000 mah;
    Preferably not with Notch(but can suggest if handset is good)
    Price: Open(<40k preferred)

    Please don't say OnePlus 5T or Samsung phones(Personally don't prefer it)

  2. Another great episode of AshAnswers!! Love you see and hear you guys always 🙂

    I think if you are targeting some phone around 25 k for next giveaway, then my suggestion is either Nokia 7+ or may be the Asus Zenfone 5 variant that may launch this month in India.

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