#AshAnswers 92 – Best Redmi Note 5 Pro Alternative, Zenfone 5 Price, Zenfone 5 vs Nokia 7 Plus…

The 92nd episode of the show where we answer questions that you tweet out, welcome to #AshAnswers 92. Link to our latest giveaway: http://www.bit.ly/c4egiveaway

Piyush Puty – https://www.instagram.com/piyushputy/

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Questions & Timestamps

00:37 Any way other than the notch to maximize display area?
02:07 Redmi Note 5 Pro or wait for Zenfone 5?
04:49 Is 960 FPS Slow-Mo hardware dependent? Can we expect it on Galaxy Note8?
06:25 Zenfone 5 vs Nokia 7 Plus if both are launched near 20K?
07:30 What if a phone comes with a fixed F1.5 aperture lens? Disadvantages?
09:36 S9 Plus vs OnePlus 5T Speed test? S9 vs Note8 vs Pixel 2 vs LG V30+ ?
16:13 Phone under 15K with the best audio output via the headphone jack?
16:22 Do we feel bad that other channels with content of inferior quality get more views?
19:04 DSLR or Smartphone for someone who’s interested in photography? Budget 60-70K
22:04 OnePlus 5T at 33K is the best deal now?
27:48 Redmi Note 5 Pro from Flipkart had issues. Is online shopping bad?
31:32 Unable to buy Redmi Note 5 Pro. What’s the best alternative out there?
32:01 iPhone X videos are smoother than S9+ videos?
34:35 Updating apps on Play Store fills up storage space?
36:53 Zenfone 3 or Redmi Note 5?
37:49 Worth upgrading from Pixel XL to Galaxy S9+ ?
38:09 Most expensive product in our studio.
39:02 Why do we need F2.4 on primary camera when we have it on secondary camer? (Galaxy S9+)
41:40 Apartment renovation update.
43:32 Do we use a secondary SIM or a microSD card on phones with a hybrid slot?
45:42 DBrand Indian shipping issues and myths?

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  1. Definitely no… The notch is super irritating… And that would mean oneplus is straight off copying apple… I don't want that to happen and also I love oneplus phones, but if there's a notch, I would have to think before I would buy it…

  2. European Pricing of OP5T is 449 and 499 euros. Like we have 33k and 38k. Ash considered 499 euros.. then I think you should consider 38K while trying to guestimate, no?

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