#AshAnswers 91 – F1.5 vs F2.4, Xiaomi Black Market Flash Sale Issues, Nokia 8 Sirocco, Notches…

The 91st episode of the show where we answer questions that you tweet out, welcome to #AshAnswers 91. Link to our latest giveaway: http://www.bit.ly/c4egiveaway
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Questions & Timestamps

02:59 Trade Iphone X for Galaxy S9 Plus?
05:17 Nokia 7 Plus Expected Pricing
06:04 F1.5 vs F2.4
06:34 Sundar’s MWC mistake
07:26 Notches Notches Everywhere!
10:35 Nokia 7 Plus & 8 Sirocco Thoughts!
14:21 Galaxy S9 – Minor Update?
16:53 Nokia 8 Sirroco
17:21 Our MWC Pick!
23:21 Will the Notch End?
23:46 Customs on Gifts?
24:07 Thoughts on the Mi budget TV!
26:03 Tips to Xiaomi to stop Black Market Sales!
30:56 Does the S9 have Potrait mode?
31:55 Did Sundar break anything at MWC?
34:09 Ash & Coke – The Eternal Love Story!
34:44 Is Xioami more Focused on Updates these Days?
36:37 4000 mAh battery on midrangers and ~3000 mAh on flagships – why?
37:15 Will the Redmi Note 5 & Note 5 Pro be available offline for Rs.500 more?
38:30 India vs US – The YouTube Scenario!
40:32 What is Sundar’s sleeping time?
40:38 Will Samsung Blacklist us?
42:05 Why is Vivo not bringing their concept phones to India?
42:51 Asus Zenphone 5 Indian Release!

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  1. I think people forgetting the fact with F1.5 and F2.4, they clearly said F2.4 for day shots and when it gets darker and night use the F1.5

  2. I own a oneplus 3t…. It's been more than a year using it.. Now facing some pixels burn in issue I guess at the top bar where networks n time etc are shown it more prominent in landscape mode. Why it's happening!

  3. Ash and Sundar, one very very small query please!! I am going to be an MIUI user for the first time starting tomorrow. My only fear is I cannot find 'favorite' tab in call list. Like in stock android's default call log app has 3 tabs, the first one has tiles of each contact whom we 'mostly contact' which I dont find when I tested my friends' MI phones. Can you suggest a hack please? This is very important for me. Additionally, in stock android it automatically changes the favorites based on how many times we make/rec a call from a single person. Its an awesome one which I am afraid that I am going to lose going forward because I am going to be MI customer.

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