#AshAnswers 87 – Redmi 5 Giveaway, Nokia 8 Price Drop, OnePlus 6, Lenovo P3, Zenfone 3 Oreo…

The 87th episode of the show where we answer questions that you tweet out, welcome to #AshAnswers 87. Current Giveaway – http://www.bit.ly/c4egiveaway

Last Giveaway Winner – https://gleam.io/competitions/CwVP0-c4etech-redmi-5-international-giveaway

Sundar’s Haircut Tweet – https://twitter.com/C4ETech/status/861424587925532672

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Questions & Timestamps

00:30 Giveaway Winner!
01:01 S7 or Honor 8 Pro or View 10
03:49 A8+ vs OnePlus 5T Camera Comparison
04:42 Why no SD Card slot, removable batteries, IR blasters in flagships?
06:16 Lenovo P3 Expectations?
07:32 Nokia 8 got a price cut of Rs.7000. Thoughts?
08:42 Increase in import duties will impact your day to day work?
10:00 Why no speed test with iPhone X?
11:58 Revisit of a 2-3 Year old device?
13:51 Additional sim card adapter is safe or unsafe?
14:24 Which UI is heavier? MIUI or Samsung Experience?
15:06 How much does a compass and autobrightness sensor cost?
15:45 Got an AIO PC, would it make a difference if I add a SSD & RAM?
17:01 Zenfone 3 got Oreo Update. Overpricing justified?
19:57 Snapdragon 650 vs 630
20:21 Have you made some DIY item for the studio in past?
20:45 Collab with Mrwhosetheboss
21:55 Have you ever second hand phones?
26:01 What are your rendering/output settings and what’s the render time?
26:58 Note8 or Pixel 2 XL. Priority: Performance & Camera
27:37 Have you smoked Shisha?
28:51 Will Face Unlock on Honor 7X work as good as Honor View 10?
30:00 Prediction for India vs South Africa ODI Series?
31:49 ETA for Threadripper build?
33:17 If OnePlus 6 comes just with 1080p panel, will you guys appreciate it?
33:33 Thoughts about 30+ aged CSK Team?
36:43 Xbox or PS?
37:42 When will you upgrade your Cruze & Sony FS7K?
39:23 2 Year Old Flagship or Current Year Midranger?
40:55 Vivo rumored to launch phone 4K Display, SD845, 10GB. Thoughts?

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  1. Why would you guys pick questions on cricket on a tech show… if I am interested in cricket I would've gone for cricket channel ..please stick to technology…

  2. I think fingerprint sensor can go away because here in Pakistan, we are getting Oppo A83 without fingerprint but with Face Unlock for around 26000PKR. What Apple do, every company follows that.

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