#AshAnswers 83 – Top Phones, Mi A1 vs iPhone SE, Nokia 6 2018, OnePlus 6, Vlogs & more…

The 83rd episode of the show where we answer questions that you tweet out, welcome to #AshAnswers 83.

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Questions & Timestamps

00:52 iPhone SE 2 Predictions?
03:20 Google’s Portrait Mode & HDR+ for ALL phones!
04:35 Honor 7X vs Mi A1 – Our PERSONAL Pick?
06:14 18:9 & Dual Cameras on a lot of phones but no USB-C?
07:41 Buy OnePlus 5T or wait for OnePlus 6 or Pixel 2 price drop?
09:57 How OIS helps in low light photography
11:58 Best 3 Phones regardless of price range!
12:31 2018 – Year of great design & camera improvements rather than performance?
14:54 Updates on upcoming PC builds
15:24 Are Mi A1 updates provided by Google or Xiaomi?
16:18 Anything from Windows phone we’d like to see on Android phones?
17:41 Best phones at 10k, 45k, and 100k?
19:16 Sundar’s Experience With iPod Nano
22:15 Mi A1 or iPhone SE?
23:29 Successor of Mi A1?
24:25 Apartment Update!
24:45 BOTH Ash & Sundar reviewing or unboxing a phone in ONE video?
25:53 View 10 Black vs Blue? View 10 best in segment?
26:29 LG G6 vs OnePlus 5T/View 10 for 2 Year Usage
27:27 How is LG V30+ the best budget flagship when Xperia XZ1 is priced the same?
29:30 Bigger battery that charges slowly or Smaller battery that charges quickly?
31:09 C4EVlogs? If, When, How, Why!
32:20 Our New Year resolution – doing giveaways?
34:56 No 18:9 display in Nokia 6 2018 a dealbreaker?
35:10 Why is Bluetooth still around given that everything can be done via WiFi?

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  1. What do you think about Le Eco Le Max 2 being sold at ₹12k, having Snapdragon 820, with optically stabilised camera and a great build quality ? Is it worth buying when you compare it with other phones like Mi A1 or Redmi Note 4 or Honor 7x ?

  2. No guys you are wrong, iPhone se is better than Mi A1. I have both and SE selfie camera is better than A1. Check yourself. I am using SE since last one year. And SE is much more pleasant to use.

  3. This is by far the worst predictions ever. Iphone se was launched after iPhone 7 and it had specs similar to iPhone 6s ( ie: a generation older than the iPhone 7 which was that time’s fastest iPhone). So, even if Apple were to launch se 2 it would have configurations of iPhone 7 and bot iPhone 8 (their best iPhone as of now).

    Even if you talk practically, whole point of iPhone se is to provide cheap iPhone, so how can they give away there flagship specs for a dirt cheap rate ?????

  4. Want to give more more more likes. That last line touched every fans' heart😭😭😭 We all love you guys too. Btw upload that video, looking forward to that secret ashanswers🤩🤩

  5. Love this segment you guys do, i'm not from India but been watching your videos since 2014 you definitely deserve way way more subscribers, oh & i always been a android user & only 4 months ago bought an iPhone SE just to try ios plus i wanted a compact but fast phone, i still prefer my android phones which i use as daily drivers, i have both the Mi A1 & iPhone SE & the SE's camera is alot better & video (60fps) also by a large margin, even the wack 1.2mp front cam is optimized better then most 5mp camera's i've tested, Mi A1 has portrait mode going for it but being an android user biasedly i still would suggest people the Mi A1, updates wise i think the SE will be supported probably just long as the Mi A1, if you have the time you should do a cam review of the SE sometime just to see how it holds up nowadays, keep up the great content mate.

  6. Hi guys. I love your videos. One suggestion please don't speak unnecessary stuffs like you both taking time for expression., thinking, making fun of each other.this will reduce video time and you can stay to the point and look more appealing.

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